Located just a few steps away from Place de la Bastille seats one of the most beautiful spots in our personal 'off the beaten paths Paris guide', le Viaduc des Arts. This ancient viaduct, which in past times served as railway line towards Vincennes, was completely transformed in the 1980s to serve as a linear park over street level. Following at first the Avenue Daumesnil, it then diverts to end up a few steps away from Bois de Vincennes, one of Paris's biggest green lungs. In addition, the vaults of the viaduct were restored and turned into original ateliers de création, cafés, and decoration shops... something just idilical.
The Promenade Plantée is in either case a nice sport to have a relaxing walk and change your point of view of the city: just feel how the long Parisian boulevards extend at your feet, and enjoy the natural environment created by the trees and plants planted upstairs. You shall not miss it if you ever go to Paris!

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