On the afternoon of my second day in Switzerland, I decided to do something different: escaping from travel plans. And yes, it was really worth it.
After having lunch, I headed to Basel SBB station, and once there I went straight away to the SBB ticket office. I know Switzerland is a country full of colourful, vibrant towns, and its nature and landscapes are just astonishing, but to be honest I had only planned to visit Basel, and had no idea about which destination would be better for a short visit (I had just a few hours until sunset). So after talking for a little while with a kind ticket officer -which explained me in full detail which place fitted best my needs-,  I decided to get a round trip to Switzerland biggest town, Zürich!
Though Zürich is mostly known all around the world because of its role as a global financial center -most important Swiss banking and insurance corporations are headquartered here, making it Switzerland's economic capital-, Zürich's beauty should be enough for making it a city worth visiting. So after arriving at Zürich Hauptbahnhof -which, to me, is one of the most beautiful train stations I have ever seen, and I have seen quite a lot- I started my visit, which despite being short, ended being full of magic moments.
The first stop was the Lindenhof, which can be reached easily by walking from the station, just taking the Bahnhofstrasse. The Lindenhof is a beautiful tiny park located on a hill, a fact that makes it possible to have a nice view of the city -mostly the other bank of the river Limmat, but also the bank you're in-. Furthermore, the Lindenhof is also a meeting point for Zürchers, a lively and quiet place to taste a bit of the city.

After leaving the Lindenhof, I decided to get inside the old town of the city -altstadt- and let myself get lost in those narrow streets which make you feel like a true Swiss. Walking through the streets I finally arrived to St Peterskirche, whose golden clock belfry can be seen easily in the old town, and once there I spotted a man dressed like in the Middle Ages, just surprising.

Following my particular parcours, I ended up in a very nice street called Schipfe, full of people walking down and sitting by the tables while enjoying a tasty dinner. A great place to feel like a Swiss, no doubt!
Did you like this part of Zürich? What else would you recommend? Do not hesitate to leave any comment, and have a nice day my dear!

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