Recently, I came back from a trip to Switzerland and eastern France, a trip that I had been looking forward to for so long. And there's of course a thousand reasons to visit the region: Basel's stunning museums, art collections and architecture; Zürich and Basel's precious old towns, Alsace's flowery towns and villages...
And to begin with, I decided I'd publish a post about one of Basel's most attractive and picturesque places, the Münster. Located at the very heart of the Altsatdt -or old town)- the Münster is the name given to Basel protestant Cathedral and the main religious temple in the city, surrounded by a beautiful square -the Münsterplatz- drizzled with some of the most beautiful Swiss houses I've ever seen. Once there, one should never forget to visit the Cathedral, and then walk towards the Pfalz -located just behind the Cathedral-, an elevated point which offers some of the city's most astonishing views.
Hope you have enjoyed the post, and of course feel free to leave any comments or share ideas, did you like Basel's old town? 

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