Located in Cannaregio, near the border with its neighbouring sestiere, Castello, the church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli is one of those hidden gems that only those deeply interested in art and architecture -such as me- look for. This picturesque church, whose features make it unique in the whole city of Venezia, keeps hidden in a not very visited place, though of course it is worth the visit. 
The Church of Santa Maria dei Miracoli was built more than five centuries ago by Renaissance architect Pietro Lombardo, using a single nave covered by a barrel vault, which gives the building that peculiar semicircular façade. Built in Venetian Renaissance style, the walls of the building are completely covered in marble of different colours (white, red, ...) turning the church into a space full of light and giving it a very fancy look. 
The surrounding also hides an undeniable magic. Narrow streets and channels surround the church, creating an area that is worth a good visit.
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