Located in Dorsoduro -one of the seven quarters which divide Venezia- the Rio di San Barnaba is one of the most picturesque spots in Venezia. Being a less touristic area compared to other sestiere in the city (like San Marco or San Polo), the Rio di San Barnaba is a lovely place, filled with colorful houses and the smell of fresh fruit from the street markets.
There, the church of San Barnaba raises with its flamboyant neoclassical façade, designed by Boschetti, a church which works as a nucleus around which the area organises, together with the Campo di San Barnaba. And if you desire to have a gondola ride -which, by the way, is not the cheapest thing you'll find there- in Campo di San Barnaba you can find lots of gondolieri awaiting by their fabulous gondole for someone to carry, dressed in their typical stripped shirts and wearing their widely known hats. A wonderful taste of Venezia!
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