Hi again everyone! As you know I've already started the course and so making new posts has turned harder. Anyway, I'm here today to bring you all a taste of modern architecture -which is, as you know, my beloved field- and in order to do so, we'll be flying to Cologne. 
Cologne is a city full of contrasts. From the exquisite old town to the most flamboyant examples of modern architecture, the city offers an ideal urban plan so you can explore the different architectural styles through the decades. And today, I'll be focusing on one of the newest spots in the city: Rheinauhafen.
The District of Rheinauhafen is located not so far from Köln Hbf and the city center, and can be easily reached after a very relaxing promenade through the riverbank. Once there, just let yourself get lost. The magic of Kranhaus Towers (with the shape of an upside down L, which tries to recall of the harbor cranes, which is totally logical as hafen in German means harbor) defying gravity or the white painted walls of abstract buildings at its purest. If you like architecture as much as I do, you can't miss this Kölner district.
Did you like the post? What did you find more impressive or attractive about the place? Feel free to let any comments with your thoughts or any ideas... and of course, have a nice day guys! 

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