Hi everyone! I'm back again.
Summer is slowly fading away -to my letdown-, which means that in a few weeks I'll be back at university. Well, to be honest, not exactly back. Last year I decided to leave Biochemistry -mostly because of its lack of creativity, or at least, to my very humble opinion- so this year I'll start a degree that I've always appreciated so much but that never came to my mind in a serious way: Architecture. Half technical, half artistic. Half humane, half divine. The best of both worlds in a single place. Love it!
And this time, I am going to introduce you a beautiful spot you shouldn't miss if you decide to visit Brugge: the Burg. Located just a few steps away from the Grote Markt, the Burg is the city's second most visited square, though to me it looks so much prettier than the Grote Markt. While the last one contains the Belfort and the Provincial palace, the Burg is crowned by the awesome gothic city hall and the equally beautiful Holy Blood basilica. A must-see for all those who appreciate historical architecture -just like me- but also for those who like to get lost in the picturesque past of fair Brugge. Hope you enjoyed the post and the pictures, and of course, feel free to leave any ideas or to tell me what's your favorite spot at the Burg!

Lots of love.

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