Apart from visiting the Loire Valley, its castles and towns -which I will show you in detail in new posts-, I also decided that it was time to visit a French region which I hadn't visited before: Aquitaine.   Located in southwestern France, and sharing its borders with northern Spain, Aquitaine is a region famous for its wines and its coastal destinations -such as Biarritz-. Said that,  visiting Bordeaux, its capital, and the world wine capital, was a perfect choice.
Bordeaux is one of France's biggest urbes. A city full of life, culture and fine architecture which, to my very humble opinion, has nothing to envy the brilliant Paris. A restored city with a centre full of beautiful building designed in Beaux-Arts style, dressed with ancient churches, classic palaces, cafés, narrow streets and impressive monuments.
And just a few steps away of the city's most visited spot -the Place de la Bourse and its water mirror- a wonderful square -the Place du Parlement- rises, surrounded by cafes, brasseries and all kind of restaurants. An amazing point to try some French cuisine, have some chill, and enjoy with its attractive architecture.

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