Welcome back to all of you! 
I know it has been long since the last time I posted. August has been a busy month, but now it is time to chill a little bit. And well, after my last travel -I visited the Loira Valley and Bordeaux just a few weeks ago- here I am with lots of fabulous pics from wondrous places.
The travel started with an early flight that took us to Paris Orly, and then a TGV which in less than one hour left us in Le Mans, the capital city of the French Department of Sarthe. This town in the Pays de la Loire Region, split in two by the river Sarthe, hides one of the most beautiful Middle Age quarters that I've ever had the chance to visit: the Cité Plantagenêt. The Cité Plantagenet, named after the worldwide famous dynasty which once reigned in England, is the oldest area in Le Mans: an ancient quarter with narrow streets, cobblestone pathways and old houses built using a technique called 'Pan de bois'. A perfect place to have a relaxing walk and get lost while enjoying a view that takes to another time.
As always, hope you enjoy the pics, and if you have any ideas or something that you'd like to say, feel free to leave a comment below. Lots of love!

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