Germany was, as of March, the only big European country that I hadn't visited. And to be honest, visiting Germany was not, at least at first, in my plans.
It all happened when I was waiting for a train bound to Brussels at Brugge Station. I was having a walk inside the station and decided to look at some information sheets. Offers! Yep, I had found some of the coolest ticket offers in my life, and it was clear to me I couldn't miss that chance, so when I arrived in Brussels I went straight to my iPhone, logged in to the SNCB app and got the tickets!
Taking an ICE train to Cologne is maybe the most comfortable way to get there. In around one hour and a half the train stops in Cologne to follow its way to Frankfurt, and the comfort inside is maximum -holy silence-.
After that interesting tip -don't hesitate to comment and ask me anything- today I would like to introduce you to one of Cologne's finest places: the Altstadt.
The Altstadt -old town- is of course Cologne's most visited district. Throngs of colorful typical houses here and there, narrow cobblestoned streets and many churches which date back to many centuries ago make up this fascinating district, located just a few steps away from the Dom and the train station.
Today, I'm focusing on two important locations inside the Altstadt. First, the Rheingarten, a beautiful area located at the banks of the river, and second, the Fischmarkt -the fish market- famous for its tiny houses. Hope you liked the post, and of course, feel free to leave any comments and follow my blog! Have a great day! :)

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