September 4th! Time literally flies. And yes, I know most of you don't even know what that date means... today it's been 3 years since we went to USA!!!!!
To date, travelling to USA has been, far, the best experience I've ever had. I went there on a high school hand to hand, alongside most of my dearest friends, and had the opportunity to live myself a dream that you're rarely given the opportunity to live. Cities full of huge skyscrapers, historic bridges, majestuous buildings... and the American life. All with the company of some of the best people that I've ever know: Noe, one of my best friends since my childhood, a great future engineer, and an excellent fashion blogger; Inma, another of my best friends, now studying Medicine in Salamanca, and a person who's always helped me and supported me unconditionally; Sara Escabias, another of my greatest friends and a great diva from the bottom to the top, who's always been by my side, helping me like anyone else, and showing me a whole world full of great wonders; Alex, another great friend and neighbour, who's always been quite helpful and has shared with me beautiful moments, while cycling, while having a walk...; and Alba, a great friend with who I've spent lots of nice moments inside the car while going to college, and who's been so kind with me everytime. To all of them, and to all our American colleagues who made this dream possible, I'm really gratefull. I will never forget you, and I will keep you always in my heart, alongside those momeries which, while writting this post, make my eyes spill a bunch of sweet tears.
So here you are these beautiful pics that I took at Hanna's while eating some roasted marshmallow with my dearest friends. Hope you liked it just as much as I did.

Years will pass, but in my heart you'll always have the most wonderful place.
A big thank you!

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