The beautiful Grand Place -Grote Markt in Flemish, which means Great Market- is the most visited public square in Brussels. This huge square, located in downtown Brussels, is the home for two of the most famous building in the Belgian capital city: the Broodhuis -Bread House, though in French its name is Maison du Roi- and the Brussels City Hall, with its high belfry and majestuous façade.
Alongside these two prominent buildings. the square is surrounded by other pretty buildings, with golden-detailed façades and amazing sculptures... and of course, you'll find lots of restaurants in the square -and a street full of chocolatiers is pretty close to the place-. To me, the visit was just wonderful, and had the opportunity to taste some of the best Belgian chocolatiers in the world! Hopue you enjoyed it as much as I did, and as always, have a great weekend!

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