Though maybe not as impressive as the Tour Eiffel, the Mont Saint-Minchel is considered as one of France's major attractions.  The Mont Saint-Michel -a World Heritage site since 1979- is a little peninsula located in the La Manche channel coast, in Bretagne.
In the past, the Mont Saint-Michel was only accessible during low tide, while during high tide it could only be reached by boat. Today, a road connects the peninsula to continental Europe, making the Mont Saint-Michel an accessible place during both low and high tide.
So our trip to the Mont Saint-Michel began on a bus which led us to the place. Once inside, we had the opportunity to visit a small village which dates back from Middle Ages, with lots of shops -where you can get some souvenirs-, museums and restaurants. The Abbey of Saint-Michel is located on top of the peninsula. There, we had the opportunity to enjoy an amazing view of the coast, with the first sunbeams in the morning.
Once the tide was low, we decided to have a walk on the sand. Before going on, I have to say that it's dangerous to walk on the sand on your own. The presence of quicksand and high tide are two major risks, so you should go always with the company of an experimented guide. Far apart from that, walking on the sand turned out to be really confortable -you have to remove your shoes first- and to be honest, the views were just wonderful. Hope you enjoyed the pics, and... have a nice weekend!

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