One of the places that you should not miss if you travel to Bretagne is the Castle of Combourg. This ancient castle, whose history dates back to the 12th century, lies on the bank of the river Linon, near the beautiful lake called 'Lac Tranquille'. The Castle came to fame because the famous French writer René de Chateaubriand -whose tomb we visited in Saint-Malo- spent part of his childhood in this picturesque castle. It is told that the writer saw phantoms who lived in the château, though I can't support that fact, unfortunately for those legend lovers.
It is possible to visit the castle -the entrance is recommended- though since it's a private property, you have to pay for the visit. Anyway, the investment is worth it: you'll have the opportunity -just as I did- to explore old rooms from Middle Ages, amazing halls, and have an amazing view of the gardens, the Lac Tranquille and the town of Combourg. All green!
To finish the visit, we decided to have a walk through the quiet gardens, a peaceful place to relax and just let the wind touch your face gently as the tree leaves move in the horizon... a wonderful pleasure!
Hope you enjoyed the pics, have a nice Saturday guys!

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