Though maybe the Louvre Museum is the most visited one, Paris is the home for some of the best art museums in the world. One of these great museums is the Centre Georges Pompidou, the world's biggest modern art museum alongside the New Yorker MoMA and the Londoner Tate Modern.
The enormous building looks bizarre in the middle of all those ancient Parisian-style houses, maybe the best example of Brusselization you can find in the Cité de Paris. Inside, one of the world's biggest modern art collection awaits, and also a huge library to get lost while reading. Awesome!
After visiting the building inside, we decided to take the scalator, which soon brought us on top of the building, which offers some of the nicest views of Parisian skyline. An incredible place to take some impressive snapshots and have some fun -and relax-. Hope you enjoyed the pics, and have a nice Sunday!

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